9 days on the Farm

We spent 9 days “camping” in the barn over the July 4th holiday. I rented a mini excavator for the week and spent a lot of time cleaning removing brush and creating a new road through the woods to connect the two main fields. Well, road may be an overstatement. It’s really for 4 wheelers and tractors since its a bit narrow for full size vehicles. Its future use will be to give us a way to move cattle from one field to the other easily. We started the week at Floyd Fandango and it was a great way to unwind, relax and begin a vacation from work. The bands were great and so was the wine and beer tasting. As I look back at this week it is hard to believe all we did while still getting a lot of work done and relaxing done. After taking the excavator to grandma’s house to clean out the brush and re-make the trail to her pond, dad and I went fishing. Although there were huge bass to be seen in the pond, we ended up fishing for bluegills since we couldn’t get them to bite. We cleaned all the bluegill and Kimberly and I fried them up for breakfast at the barn the next morning. We also spent time at Foggy Ridge Cidery, The Country Store, Dino’s Hillbilly Greek Restaurant, Floyd Community Market, Grandma’s house and a cookout with family. Each time we have to leave the farm it gets harder and harder. We spent 9 days without tv and many normal creature comforts, like a couch and loved every minute as always. This is the simple type of living that we enjoy and it reminds us of all the things in life that really matter.