A barn is better


After much consideration we have decided it is better to have a nicer barn than to invest in a camper for our weekend outings to QberryFarms. And so the decision is made to begin immediately planning for the construction of our barn and use it as shelter during our outings to the land.

This brings forth several questions: How much, why type, what size, who to build it and where. For the most part we know what all we want in a a barn: two stalls, a tack room, storage/feed room, drive thru or garage area, and a loft. Sounds like a lot, but all this can be accomplished in a fairly small barn, around 24×36.

We would like to do as much of the work ourselves as possible and of course are on a budget. We are mindful that any money we save now will only make us citizens of Floyd County that much sooner! So the questions goes out… Who knows barn builders they would recommned in the area? Any recommendations on anyting pertaining to building this barn?