Almost Done…

Well, it actually looks like a builidng now and not just a hole in the ground.  Come next Tuesday we will even have a tin roof.  Then the major project left is putting the log cabin siding on the upper level and stucco on the lower level.

We also got to celebrate Kimberly’s birthday.  I rented a cabin nearby, actually our neighbors own it.  You can check it out here.  The whole family came over for a celebration which really surprised Kimberly.  Rays Restaurant in Floyd cooked the meal and it was great.

Several people have asked what we will do with this barn since we don’t live in VA.  Well, at some point we will live there and it will be a horse barn.  Until then, it will be used to store our camping supplies and etc.  Maybe even a tractor for bushhogging soon.

See the pictures below.