First Barn Camp

Sample Image A lot has happened at the barn in the last month. We have a tin roof and log cabin wood siding on the barn now. It is complete as a structure and we have already camped in the barn. That first camp was a challenge as it dropped below freezing and there was no way to keep the whole barn warm thru the night. Therefore we pitched our tent in the barn the next night and the propane heater was able to keep it nice and cozy.

There are still lots of plans left for the barn. We have decided to forgo the stucco on the bottom half for now and just paint it. We can always stucco it later or even use stone siding some day. We want to add a bathroom so we have some amenities when camping. This of course means we need power, water and a septic tank. I’m still trying to decide how to handle the power and water. We don’t want to bring grid power to the barn at least not until we are living there and we don’t want to dig an expensive well just for the barn. So, I think I will use a combination of solar panels with batteries and a generator for power. Then we can add a 50 gallon water tank and 12 volt pumps to feed the fixtures. I can fill the 50 gallon tank by pumping spring water from the creek whenver we need. This leaves the septic tank which is needed, I’m not willing to forgo this amenitiy.

I’m hoping to take another week off during Thanksgiving and spend it driving a trackho. There is still a lot of grading and work to do around the barn that requires some heavy equipment. Still lots of updates and work to come as we work on the power source, plumbing, build a bathroom and etc.