Greece July 25th Update

Yesterday we went to visit two mission groups in Athens. The Lost Coin ministry is a very small group that ministers to prostitutes and victims of human trafficing in Athens. Ema the main person working this ministry has done this for over 9 years faithfully. She has received international recognition for her work with these victims. Her group goes out every other night and visits the brothels and prostitutes in the white light district of Athens. They take some food and other necessities to them people there and then pray for them while walking the streets.

The second place we visited was called the Oasis center. This group feeds, clothes and teaches English and Greece to the many refugees in the city. We helped them to serve dinner and teach English. Then we watched a film their native (Farsi) language about a group of Afgans that came across the border. Through many trials and sufferings they made it to Greece and eventually connected with some Christians that brought them to Christ. Many of the Afgan people cried through out this film, especially at areas where they were trying to get out of their country while swiming thru rivers, padding small rafts thru the ocean and etc. It was very emotional for us all. Kimberly met a family with a very sick boy. After feeling his forehead which was on fire and then seeing his throat full of blisters she asked me to go to a pharmacy and get medicine. The mother of this boy would not even talk to us at first, but soon she allowed Kimberly to help her in the English class and give her son some of the medicine. We gave them the medicine and spent a good deal of time trying to explain how much to give him and how often to amke sure they understood. When they left the woman hugged Kimberly. I think many barriers were broken down that day.