Greece Update July 22nd

We missed writing on Monday night.  It was so late and we were exhausted when we arrived back at the bunk house.  It was our 2nd and final day of getting over jet lag and sight seeing.  We went into the main part of Athens to see the Acropolis where the Parthenon is located.  Words are hard to come by to express the feeling you get when you realize you are in a town in which something 200 years old is a mere baby.  There are ruins just strewn everywhere that are more than 2,000 years old.  Costos was our guide and he is wonderful.  Out of 850 licensed guides in the city, he is one of only 3 who are evangelical Christian and therefore gives tours based on thier biblical significance.  We stood on Mars Hill where Paul gave his speech that we know from Acts ch 17.  I read this passage to the group as we stood there. It was a feeling I cannot describe.  We walked up the very same steps that the Apostle Paul walked up to get to Mars Hill.  The steps are carved out of the marble hill and are worn completly smooth and are as slick as ice.  Some of this pictures are under the Photos area with the ones from yesterday.

Lest you think we are only sight seeing and not working hard, you should know that today we worked in an international refugee kitchen to help prepare meals for, witness too and generally just show love and compassion to those that have never seen it before.  Over 400 people come thru this kitchen and a day like today.  We were told that if we were not there today that they would not have feed the people because they would not have had enough people to cook and run the kitchen.

There were people from over 6 countries, very few spoke english.  Those that spoke english taked of coming to Greece to flee certain death in the home countries of Afganistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and etc.  They risked their lives packed into small rafts to get to Greece and now had nothing but their lives and the shirts on their backs.  This ministry has shown Christ to many people and led many of the people that we met to accept Him.  Some know they can never go home no or they will face certain death from their own family members for turning their back on Islam. 

We brought back an appreciation for how very lucky we are to live in America and that we should never take our rights for granted.

Tomorrow we will work back at the Cosmovision Center.  The men are helping to build a fence from old posts while the women paint and freeze tomatoes.  Late in the afternoon we are told we get to go to the beach to cool off for a couple of hours.