Greece Update – July 24th

Wednesday was a long hard day for us. The men built a fence from trees cut from Mt. Olympus. The women did various painting projects. The unrelenting heat take its toll. A couple of the ladies were getting a little sick and light headed from not drinking enough water.

For those who thought we weren’t going to be working hard I will be bringing home proof in the form of a busted up face. A fence post fell into my face and busted my chin, lip, under nose area. It looks pretty ugly, but I will consider it another battle scar when it heals.

To cool off after our work we went to the beach aroun 5pm for a couple of hours. It was a beautiful place with deep blue water and high mountains and cliff surrounding the beach area. It is one of the main local areas to go and enjoy the beach.

That night we went to Timothy’s house to eat. He is a man who works with AMG to further missions work. Some of the stories we heard that night are amazing. He worked with the Albanian government to help open up the land to Christians after the change in government. This was only due to him picking up a hitchiker on the way into the country that turned out to be a newly elected member of parliament. Not only was he one of the first outsiders in Albania, he met all of the leaders and was instrumental in setting up Christian churches, hospitals and schools there.