It’s Official!

We are land owners in Floyd and Carroll counties (the county line divides the property). We closed on the properly Thursday and drove straight to the farm to start camping. We spent the first night alone and were joined by family and friends quickly afterwards.

We nearly had a major issue when we couldn’t rent a truck to haul the trailer and gear to Virginia.  Apparently it is nearly impossible to find a 4×4 to rent and even if you do no one allows you to tow a trailer with a rental vehicle unless it is a commercial vehicle like a box truck.  Luckily our friend Lisa came thru and let us borrow “Pearl”, her Ford F250 Super Duty diesel truck.

While camping I spent time making waterfalls in the creek to add that wonderful sound of rushing water, and rode the four wheeler on nearly every inch of the property.  We also took the opportunity to get the chainsaw out and cut up a couple of downed trees for firewood.

Even though there were nights in the 30’s don’t think we roughed it too much. We had our hot camp shower as well as enough food for an army and we watched a fireside movie while eating dinner on a projector and screen powered by a small generator. We might have had some chilly nights, but we were blessed with a dry weekend even though rain was in the forecast two of the days.

We had an 8 month old baby (Weston) and three dogs camping with us as well as three of my nephews (Hunter, Isaac and Wyatt) came to visit as well. They really enjoyed riding the four wheeler.

We enjoyed the weekend so much that we want to ensure we get a chance to have all the friends and family that want to camp with us do so each year. Mark your calendars as we make this a yearly event.

We want to thank everyone who camped and came to visit. It meant a lot to us that you were there to share in this joyous time with us.

Chad and Kimberly

Check out the pictures here.