OK, I know I haven’t been on top of things lately posting to the site, but we are still working on the property. Recently I spent another week working with a mini-excavator to clean out the area where we hope to have a pond one day soon. It was kind of swampy due to all the springs in that area and therefore it was overgrown with trees, bushes and etc. I did some serious de-forestation in that area and it drastically changed the look of the area. I’ll post pictures of this as well.

We recently went to Nicaragua for a vacation with our friends Larry and Mitzi Bodie. Now, if you know anything about us, you know we really try to do some good and spread some love and goodwill wherever we go and Nicaragua was no different. We got to visit a couple of schools and take supplies and do a little work at a medical clinic. Mitzi is a nurse so she provided a ton of help at the clinic and Larry was assisting the dentist with pulling teeth so this was very helpful. Somehow Kimberly and I ended up with the job of weighing babies to ensure they get the right amount of medicine. We even got to help start a scholarship fund to send kids to high school. Virtually none of the childres in that area go to high school because free public school ends at the 6th grade and they cannot afford to continue school.

It was certainly a vacation as you could tell by the house we rented on the beach. It was absolutely amazing, even having it’s own light house tower. The house was fully staffed and every meal each day as well as snacks and anything else we needed was prepared for us. I would definitly recommend this place to anyone. We found it on under Nicaragua, it was the only house for rent in the Playa Hermosa area. Check out a few of our photos here.. We also put up a few videos on our youtube channel here…