Return from Greece

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We are home safe and sound. We spent the last day in Greece at the ancient city of Corinth. We were able to stand in the exact same place where Paul stood when being judged. See Acts 18:12. We browsed the ancient ruins and viewed the museum most of the day while listening to our our tour guide Costas. Costas is one of 850 registered tour guides in Athens and one of the only 3 that are Christians. He spend the day pointing out these significant items and where they were mentioned in the bible.

We also hiked to the top of the acrocorinth which is the Corinthian equivalent to the acropolis in Athens. The view from there was amazing and the pictures reflect that. The entire photo collection can be viewed here.

We came back with our eyes opened to how easy we have it in this country and how much we take for granted about our Christian lives. The people we met had to give up everythign they knew and had to become Christians and they never looked back. As hard as it was and even while still getting over the jet lag, we feel refreshed and renewed and have a deeper understanding of the history of the bible. Along the way were even able to break a few barriers while helping and serving a few refugees. Thanks to all those who supported and prayed for us during this trip.