The First Dig

ugm_10_images_600x450-img00075Now that winter is over activity at the farm has picked up. I had planned on having the basement area dug out for our barn by a professional. However, I happen to know a professional, and it didn’t take much more than a casual mention that I could rent a trackhoe and do this myself to have my interest piqued. I could play with a trackhoe, get the job done and a whole lot more AND save money!

Next thing you know, I’m taking a week off to dig this hole in the ground and having an absolute blast. With professional help (thanks Ken), I was able to complete the dig, clean out brush, trees, move large rocks, dig out some deep areas in the creek, and generally tear up anything in my path. More pictures from the clean up and changes to the area coming soon.

Kimberly joined me on Thursday night and we camped for the weekend. It actually got down below freezing those nights, but we were warm and cozy in the tent with a propane heater while watching a movie. Many family members came to visit, play on the trackhoe and drive the four wheeler. I busted the tire on the four wheeler, but luckily it was the last day.  It has been replaced and is ready for more action now.

We are hoping to complete the barn by the end of June. I’m thinking barn-raising while pig roasting…. Anyone?