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Another Batch of Roll-ons is up!

Another batch of over 300 Roll-ons were freshly completed yesterday.  We couldn't be happier about how these have been received.  So many people have been won over nearly immediately after trying these that even we are shocked at how good they work.  They are topicals so just just roll them on whatever hurts.  We've even made these stronger to ensure it lasts even longer before wearing off.

Not only was the hemp grown right here locally, it was also extracted locally all naturally with zero chemicals or solvents as well as mixed with our very own hands!  (Don't worry we made Ryan wear gloves).

The only thing in these bottles is Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil, Organic MCT oil and all natural essential oils. It takes no more than a minute to feel the difference.

We did decide to limit them to the 2 most popular scents. 

10ml Roll on bottle containing over 200mg of Full Spectrum Hemp oil making it over 2% hemp extract.
  • Spice - Wild Orange, Rosemary, Clove extracts
  • Zing - Sage, Pine, Peppermint extracts