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Delta 8 - Information, Uses, Products

Delta 8 THC has quickly became extremely popular.  Most hemp farmers could no longer make it without Delta 8 as has typically become 40-60% of sales for most producers.  There's also been a lot of press both good and bad concerning Delta 8 and we here at Qberry Farms frequently get questions. I'll be addressing the most common ones below.

What is it?  Delta 8 is technically THC but it is one molecule short of the illegal type of THC referred to as Delta 9.  (Technically that should be a Delta Symbol and not spelled out, but its done to avoid confusion). 

How is Delta 8 made?  First CBD is extracted from our hemp.  The CBD is then converted to Delta 8.  This part is done in a laboratory and not by us personally.

Will Delta 8 cause drug test failures?  Technically this should never happen.  The problem here and the reason people are warned against CBD and Delta 8 is that not every producer tests their products thoroughly enough to ensure there isn't too much Delta 9 THC in their products.  The legal amount of delta 9 THC is .3% but if producers do no test properly it's easy for them to get too much THC in the product and cause a failed test.  Neither Delta 8 or CBD themselves will cause a failed test.

Is it legal?  You'd think that would be a very easy question to answer, but Delta 8 is currently in the same place that CBD was in 2018 which means depending where you are when you read this, it may or may not be completely legal where you are located.  This is because 11 states have banned Delta 8 for fears that the underaged would easily be able to get their hands on it. To make it more confusing Delta 8 is legal federally just as CBD became in 2018.  This means it can be shipped nation-wide even to states where it is technically outlawed.

What is Delta 8 used for?  While Delta 8 may be referred to as "weed light" in the press, it's actually very strong in higher doses but definitely much less psychoactive than Delta 9.  Many people describe it as a very pleasant and uplifting experience.  It tends to bring a deep feeling of relief and peacefulness to its users. Some might even say it gives them a floating feeling.  Although its true that many people use it solely as a mood enhancer, it's also very beneficial in getting a good night of sleep or fighting pain.  We have many customers who depend on it for a good nights sleep as well as those or use it to fight pain.  It's often used by those who don't want to take opiods for pain relief after an injury or surgery or for every day pains.

How is it different than CBD?  CBD is beneficial for many pains as well but this is mostly limited to pains caused by inflammation.  CBD is exceptional at helping remove inflammation which is where a lot of joint and muscle pain comes from.  Delta 8 however seems to directly block pain receptors.  CBD is also known to be beneficial for anxiety, and similar issues as a mood enhancer but is commonly referred to as a "body high" where Delta 8 will cause what some people will refer to as a "head high" in larger doses. 

Should I be worried about Delta 8 toxicity?  As stated earlier Delta 8 is like CBD in 2018.  The biggest concern is that in an attempt to rush Delta 8 products to market some producers are taking shortcuts or are just generally unscrupulous and are sometimes using toxic chemicals in the process of making Delta 8.  Just like CBD and many other supplements, make sure you trust the vendor you are getting it from and you'll have no issues.

What Delta 8 Products do you currently offer?  Currently we offer Delta 8 Gummies in two flavors and two strengths.  Blue Raspberry in 25mg and Wild Strawberry in 50 mg.  (Be careful with those 50mg ones for sure!)

We also have Delta 8 Vape Cartridges in several strains.  Terpenes are what gives cannabis it's scent and flavor profile.  These are removed during the extraction process but when we add them back to our Vapes so each strain of vape tastes and smells like the cannabis strain the terpenes were taken from.  We only use 100% natural cannabis terpenes.

Next up will be Delta 8 oil droppers.  Keeping with our norms these will only have MCT coconut oil and Delta 8 distillate and if flavored it will be with 100% natural and organic extracts as well.  Look for these by the first of September.