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New Skin Care Product Line Ready!

One of my personal goals, after we started raising hemp, has  been to make my own skin care.

There has been some extra time during this wonderful pandemic so I was able to get started.

Recently I finished up what I refer to as my base products. Testers were enlisted via our  facebook page and a test kit was born.  We’ve had amazing feedback and many requests for our test kits to be offered online. So, we are rethinking our plan and would like to offer the same kits to you so you can try each product or even gift for Christmas. These will be limited at this time so get them while you can. Here's the direct link to the Skin Care Sampler Kit.

You can also chose individual products and different sizes separately below or from our Products > SkinCare Section.

I hope that being able to watch us farm our Hemp Fields and then see products being made you will feel more confident and comfortable buying local from us. 


 CBD/Rosehip/Arnica infused Sweet Almond Oil -  “Qberry All Natural Face Oil”

I’ve been a face oil user since 2003.  I’ve been loyal to 3 brands over the years and so I feel like I know exactly what I want in this product.  This is a full bodied face oil made with all natural ingredients, including our own Hemp, CBD oil, Rosehips and arnica infused almond oil.  I specifically and carefully chose these ingredients for the following reasons.

  • Almond Oil- A very mild, hypoallergenic oil. Sweet Almond oil is safe for almost all skin types - sensitive, dry, oily. Certain properties in the sweet almond oil deeply clean the pores without clogging them. It contains all sorts of natural goodness that includes vitamin E, vitamin A, essential fatty acids, proteins, potassium, and zinc. It’s positively packed with the vitamins and nutrients, making it perfect to include in your daily skincare regimen.  Did I mention you can use your face oil to take off your makeup too?  Sweet Almond oil is also great for your hair and scalp. I could go on and on with the benefits.  We start with infusing the sweet almond oil with our very own Hemp flower (CBD), Rose Hips and arnica.
  • CBD Benefits for the skin-It is a powerful antioxidant, protecting the skin from free radicals like UV rays, smoke, and environmental pollutants. Free radicals lead to wrinkles and fine lines, but antioxidants protect our skin from this damage and help fight the effects of aging.  Is great for inflammation,,,,think eye area puffiness.  We need this! Everyday! The combo ingredients below making this oil a powerhouse multitasker.  Amaze balls for your face, takes off makeup, doubles as itch oil for bug bites, helps inflammation if you have been picking :( and gives you a youthful glow like nobody's business.
  • RoseHips- great natural alternative for moisturizing. packed with beauty essentials like anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and C.
  •  Arnica - Arnica can Help Rosacea since it is considered first aid in hydration, bringing much-needed moisture to the layers of skin. Rosacea is worsened by dehydrated skin, causing flaky, patchy skin. Increases blood flow to skin which aids in healing.  Great for pimples because it Relieves inflammation.  If you are a face picker,,,, you need this!  Also good on bug bites, since it helps with itching.  Products that multitask are the best.

 CBD and Honey Infused Goats Milk Soap

Oh my goodness,,,, Once I started researching soaps, serums and ingredients I nearly croaked.  I am very happy to be offering an all natural product to cleanse your body safely and I am multitasking it as a makeup remover in the shower.

  • The combo of goat milk and CBD cleanses, hydrates and moisturizes better than regular soaps can.  These two powerhouse ingredients leave your skin looking vibrant and feeling moisturized. Filled with vitamins that nourish and fatty acids that will lock in that moisture. Your skin will feel brighter and more youthful after each use. Raw honey is packed with components that are beneficial for your skin, especially if you have acne or autoimmune skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Studies show even Candida overgrowth may be controlled by applying honey to your skin.  We are proud to use natural and locally sourced honey in our products.
  • Vitamin E helps support your immune system, cell function and skin health. It is an antioxidant which combats the effects of free radicals in the environment.


 CBD Infused Body Butter

We’ve all seen the whipped body butter pictures online and it looks so luxurious.  I can confirm that it feels just just as luxurious.  Chalked full of Oils and butters, get a dollop out, rub in your hands while it melts into a beautiful sheen and then rub it on and rub in.  I am already seeing a difference in my crepey skin areas. Prepare the oils, melt the oils, whip the oils!  Apply! Since this is an all natural product with no preservatives, do not splash water in your container as it can cause bacteria to grow.  Use the spatula provided. Keep in refrigerator if you are only using occasionally.

  • Proprietary infusion of CBD and Arnica to Olive/Jojoba/& Sweet Almond Oil- We marry up these oils and then add Hemp Flower to add cannabinoids. This is a base carrier oil for several of our products.
  • Shea Butter- Adds the creamy to all creams and butters. Nourishes and moisturizes, fights wrinkles and stretch marks and Lordy, all my scars.  A staple if you make skincare.
  • Cocoa Butter- Another big moisturizer  that forms a barrier over your skin to hold in the moisture.
  • Coconut Oil- anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, boosts skin recovery, heals and hydrates.
  • Rosin- ROSIN DABS are produced in house from our own organically grown all natural hemp and is 55% CBD.  We produce our rosin naturally without the use of any chemicals or solvents.  This way you get all the plant has to offer and nothing more.  Our ROSIN is high in many cannabinoids as well as terpenes.  Other than 55% CBD it's also high in CBDA, CBC, CBCA and CBG.